SPG Changes suggestion for 2022

SPGs in World of Tanks was changed many times, sometimes drastically (0.9.18, 1.5 or 1.13 Updates)

The last “rebalance” in Update 1.13 was the most controversial and it was a direct nerf to this class in the game. Artillery got 3 different shell types where Standard HE got nerfed in its damage value by 9-19 % and its splash was reduced by 5 % for all SPGs. Premium HE was removed completely and instead, we got the alternative HE (which almost cost the same) but it’s pretty much not worth using because of nonsense burst radius values. And the third shell is AP. It’s a useless shell because it has a really bad trajectory and the damage value is so low that you can deal the same value with an alternative shell if you hit or do 20 % less with standard HE and cause stun.

Right now the biggest issue is stun, it has to be decreased and reworked to have a smaller impact on the tanks while adjusting burst damage values on Standard HE.
Alternative HE need to be adjusted in size of the burst radius and its damage values need to be corrected.
And AP has to get the same trajectory as Standard HE and it can keep its higher speed . Its damage values should be increased. (It can be done, we saw it in the past when Conqueror GC round speed got decreased from 395 m/s to 360 m/s while keeping the same arc. – Update 1.5)
Also, Sound detection skill should be available to every crew.

All the information are summarized in this detailed proposal written in Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NVk0YiVqU-yq0Zoh6bNzLlPsWljYhkrGTOWK4E4OTz8

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