Sphere beyond render range

Recently I’ve been on the receiving end of some extremely impressive marksmanship on several occasions.

What’s happening is players consistently connecting shells on non-stationary targets outside of their render range. They’re also great at target switching if two or more tanks are situated in close proximity.

The map is Prokhorovka, and players from the south spawn go to the hill and effectively suppress most of the northern midridge due to consistently connecting shells on opponents not visible to them.

Illustration: https://i.imgur.com/dLroyhQ.png

I have some theories about how the game works:

The ability to read the minimap correlates with player skill. The ability to successfully blind fire (doing damage to globally unlit targets) correlates with player skill. The ability to successfully connect shells on lit targets out of render range correlates with player skill. The best players and the top few streamers usually demonstrate the most consistent and effective strategies.

That’s why I think this is strange.

The consistency is what gives it away the most. Yes, they have side shots, and they miss some shots, but at these ranges RNG has a certain impact regardless of visibility. Hitting me with two shells, one on the guy next to me, and after we’ve both moved they hit the new guy who relocated into the vacant position. Quite ordinary had they been able to see the targets, although there are times when my STB or UDES15/16 misses easier shots from shorter distances. However, it’s quite extraordinary considering they can’t actually see what they’re shooting at except for icons on the minimap.

The players who are doing these great snipes are generally around 50%. I’ve never seen anyone who’s actually good use this as a go-to strategy. It would be too inconsistent to rely on.

I’ve never seen anyone seek out a hill position like that just to ping shells ‘into the void’. Again, it can be viable under certain circumstances, but it’s not your plan A. You would rather hold your shots to be ready for the enemies who peek near the middle rail crossing or on the opposing side of the hill.

So, average players doing very hard things with ease certainly set off a bad vibe with me. A T69 firing AP, penning my M4 51 with the first then bouncing the two next as I reverse down the slope. If it happened once I would shrug it off, but then it happened again and again. Leo PTA. Kunze. UDES 15/16.

After a little research I learned about the existence of an illegal mod called ‘3D sphere beyond render range’, which essentially renders 3D spheres in the place of tanks in the gap between render range (564m) and maximum shell distance (720m).

Now they have targets to shoot at instead of just guessing. I don’t have any other explanation for what happened. First time I’ve ever been suspicious of illegal mod usage, and it’s been almost 10 years (FML).

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