Starting to get tired of how static the gameplay has gotten lately.

I want to enjoy the game. I have time, the most valuable resource, sunk into it and I used to really enjoy playing – lately though it just seems like the games are dragged out so long by un-spotted full-HP TDs redlining, medium tanks running up to bushes and hiding there the entire match, and heavies just hull-down-ing and trading ricochets with each other.

It seems like everyone is afraid to push or be spotted because of how punishing the enemy fire is, but just sitting around waiting accomplishes very little either, as eventually the TDs, lights and mediums will be spotted and will be annihilated.

Heavies are by far the most boring these days. Weakspots are practically non-existent on any new tank with decent armor, and if some of them find a hill to hump they just become invincible. It’s not OP or anything, just insanely boring to watch two Chieftain Protos shooting, bouncing, and reloading…shooting, bouncing, and reloading…shooting, bouncing, and reloading…

There is no joy in the gameplay anymore. There are no fun moments like whizzing into the fray in a speedy medium tank and ramming the enemy TD that has been holding down a position – there’s no immediate push that carries the game with your heavies just forcing the enemy team out of position to be picked off by their allies.

It’s just turned into find a position and wait.

Usually, I’d say that style of gameplay is reserved for TDs but it seems like that’s the only way to play the game anymore as even if you try to get aggressive there is no guarantee that your team will follow suit and actually form a push.

I’m just tired. This isn’t an ‘I’m done with WoT’ or an ‘X is overpowered’ rant…it’s just the thoughts of a frustrated, long-time player who has been spending less and less time in-game.

What do you all think?

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