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So after some years I would like to return back to the game. I have some questions on the state of the game. 1. How fun is it now? I know that “fun” is different for everyone but in the gist of things how is it? I used to be FTP/sometimes some premium for a couple of days and I used to have fun before. 2. I heard it’s not FTP friendly anymore unless I just want to play tiers 5-8 since 9 and 10 will destroy my credits, so how much is like an optional amount of money to play quite efficiently? 3. Is the player base still toxic? I low-key hope so since that made me laugh sometimes lol

Atm I have multiple tier 6 and 7 and researched up to a tier 9 being the ST-1 Here is a link to my profile. (Never said I used to be a good player).*18pabb7*_ga*MTEyODg0MTAzNi4xNjgzMTQ0NjQ0*_ga_BWRKLL4HR5*MTY4MzE0NDY0My4xLjEuMTY4MzE0NDY1MC4wLjAuMA..&_ga=2.11527356.906610289.1683144644-1470069212.1683144644

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