Stb-1, recruiting 0-skill crew question.


I recently got an stb1 and considering if I should replace my crew from the type 61 with 2+84% perks: 6 sense, repairs, bia, camo, with a 0 skill one. Are there more of important skills to pick in order to make it competitive? I replace it in leopard 1 since I save the leo pta, and left the similar crew on it. I received some german crew books from BP and be able to start making 4th skill 60-70% right now which I feel happy about. I have 8 0-skill members currently, and would like to recruit 4 for the obj.140 line in nearest future. After that I don’t have any plans to grinding more tanks. Eventually s conq, VZ, 50B, but not now. I also will get some of them in current and following BP, X mas event, or maybe some stuff like art of strategy. There are also 0-skill crew members avaiable as a reward for points at the end of the season, so I could maybe pick only commander. I thought to make it also on cs 52 lis with the same crew exp, cause it doesn’t come with default bia. I am so confused now, because I see it’s one of the best meta tanks and the previous tank dpm made me like it pretty much. I wouldn’t like to waste another crew books, but to make a proper use of them. What shall I do in such a situation then?

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