STB accuracy

So i have played the STB for 120+ battles now. The first 100 battles i loved it, but it suddenly started acting like shit. Like it truly feels like everything is against me when im playing it the last 10 or so battles and my dpg have dropped from 3.7k to 3.6k. Im next level unlucky with this tank. I never had a problem with maintainning around 4k dmg but now its just f ing insane. Always pure tier 10 games, were the gun acts like it has 0.5 accuracy instead of 0.32. I Get a dmg ammorack every single game and its a pute blitz stomp war.

My quistions is. Does anyone played a tank were everything suddenly started going to hell. And does anyone feel like the stb’s accuracy is pure bullshit and no where near 0.32. Rant over, but interested if anyone got any simular experiences over the last couple of weeks.

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