STB and suspension arm tuning / improved sight field modification.

Hi guys,

I’ve got a question regarding the following field mod selection:

If the vehicle is stationary the improved sight is obviously a no brainer as it reduces your dispersion from 0,35 to 0,343. But with STB being an agile brawler, the suspension arm tuning should be somewhat preferred, right? At least so I thought. The formula for the effective dispersion that I’ve found in the forums seems to be:

Effective Dispersion = Dispersion * SQRT(1 + (Moving Dispersion * Speed)2 + (Tank Traverse Dispersion * Turret rotation speed)2 + (Turret Traverse Dispersion * Turret Traverse Speed)2 + (After Firing Dispersion * {0;1})2 ). As the reload time on the STB is way longer than the effective aiming time, the after firing dispersion multiplier can be kept at 0.

Plugging the numbers in and calculating the effective dispersion for an STB shooting at full speed, while fully rotating the hull and the turret at the same time (impossible, but this is just for demonstration) and without any field mods equipped leaves us with a value of 3,044

Doing the same thing with improved sight (-2% aiming circle size, but +3% dispersion on movement and tank traverse): . Effective Dispersion: 3,033.

And now the fun part: . Effective Dispersion of the same situation with suspension arm tuning (+2% aiming circle size, -3% to dispersion on movement and tank traverse) equipped: 3,054.

So apparently, even in a situation, where suspension arm tuning should be shining, it straight up debuffs the STB compared to a case where no field mod is equipped and even more compared to an equipped improved sight. Furthermore the improved sight straight up always buffs the tank, no matter the situation, even tho it was intended to punish an agile playstyle.

Now I finally get to the question: did I fuck up the calculation? The field modification is poorly worded and wargaming doesn’t really provide any numbers from their side. Maybe the in-game values are already taking effective dispersion into account? Any info would be appreciated. If someone wants to run an empirical test on the matter: pixel counting of the aiming circles could probably work, but I’m too dumb for that.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help, the issue just simply doesn’t let my minmaxing heart rest.

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