Steel Hunter is incredibly unfun to play

As the title states, the Steel Hunter gamemode is incredibly unfun; scrambling to find more unneeded ammunition, not getting the consumables you need and instead getting the same thing 5 times, unfair fights and getting teamed on and backstabbed by people you can’t even see.


It’s ridiculous; I shouldn’t be able to be fighting someone only to get shot in the back by someone who’s behind me, yet I can’t even see them. The amount of times I’ve been shot out of the blue by someone who can apparently see me in a Varyag or a Walkure whilst I’m in a Raven or a Arlequin unable to see them is ridiculous. How the f*** do the vision mechanics work in this gamemode?

The other infuriating thing is the lack of consumable choice. Getting to top 4 and losing all your health in fights, only to have a lack of health regen consumables; fine, so you take 3-4 green consumable drops. For all of those drops to be repair kits or the combat consumables is so dumb it makes this unfun; there should be an ability to choose what drop you get, or at the very least a weighted system. I don’t need 5 f****** repair kits, I need health or some combat consumables.

The corridor design of one of the maps is so bad (the city one); how is anyone supposed to win in the Arelquin or Raven, with chokepoints and dead-ends being everywhere. If we regard each of the 5 tanks as a ‘class’, then its f****** stupid that you would make a map that makes two of the classes objectively harder to play than the others.

Finally, why do I have to wait for my tank to come out of combat; I’m sure this is a design choice, and I can only ask Wargaming “what the f*** were you thinking?”. It removes the ability to play again in the tank of your choice for a long while; it’s incredibly frustrating and frankly a really stupid design choice for the gamemode. The entire point of a Battle Royale is that if you lose it’s no biggie; you can just go again when you please, playing how you like. The awful cooldown system prevents this, creating even more player frustration.


I personally love Battle Royales, and I’ve tried my best to love this one. The idea behind it is incredibly sound but, f*** me, the implementation is incredibly p***-poor and the gamemode as a whole is so unfun. It’s infuriating to play and the mechanics feel unfair and make it actively not fun to play.

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