Steel Hunter is the best test how good you are in World of Tanks

Prove me wrong.

Besides usual wg bullshit* I will write later about it, I think is how you do in Steel Hunter 1 vs 1 gameplay, is how you do 1vs1 in randoms. I do suck in SH. I finished couple of times 2nd and 3rd and got to 12th chapter.

* I play Walkire as a big heavy tank and get 70% shots to Arlequino bounced or non penetratation. God I hate that tank. They are most often the last one who survive and are packed with deadly upgrades. But the most annoying thing is they behave like ELC 90. That shitty little prick that is so light and small and supposed to be made of tin foil but it bounces your 120mm gun IT SHOULD FUCKING EXPLODE!!! I can’t even ram it to death in Walkire with boost activated. It just go around and bounce my shots and shoot some turbo loading cannon and arty and has even that death ball.

Just like little shit ELC I can’t kill with 4 fully aimed penetrating shots with Char. It stayed alive and ran away. What the fuck!!!

Oh and yes. It’s small and fast and grabs all the supplies it needs in first 3 min of battle. It had like 10 arti upgrades and 2 balls of death when I was fighting against one half an hour ago.

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