Steel Hunter unfun?

I played just the first iteration of Steel Hunter and did not consider it fun even that time but rewards were nice and in the end I was able to be in top 3 most of the time.

But after few matches this year I can’t stop the feeling that it is nowhere near other modes (like frontline) in terms of fun.

Dont get me wrong, I have played number of battle royale games as well as I am (hopefully) quite above avarage WoT player. It is just the combination of RNG and luck based gameplay, unbalanced tanks, hard to memorize maps and overal lack of any good rewards. While I can work with RNG in random games where RNG basically balances itself in 15v15, here it have much bigger effect on the match and 1v1 combat. You ricochet once? You are usually screwed. You do few under damage rolls? Screwed again. It overally feels way less about skill than pure luck.

I mainly liked BR games because of it is mostly about your skill and you can win a game with a knife. In Steel Hunter you have to hunt the XP so you can upgrade your tank and upgraded tanks are so much better than non upgraded ones that any sneaky tactics is basically out of mind.

And last part which i dont understand is why SH is here for 1 month and FL was here only for a week. SL got new map and other changes while FL was just as same as previous ones.

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