Still hate the HE changes

I’ve never seen a developer more blatantly shit out their mouths than WG saying “These vehicles were not significantly changed at all!”

I can fire HE at the frontal weak spot of an IS-7, fail to penetrate, and do 75 damage in a Type 5 Heavy.

A system which is supposed to calculate damage off of armor thickness has basically made heavy tanks immune to HE, and it’s bullshit. The only place I could hope to do damage, on a gun you’re REQUIRED to play on the Type 5 before you can get the 140mm canon, and I get 75 damage.

Further, I hit the FLOOR of a 60TP, literally the BOTTOM OF THE TANK, not the lower glacis (sorry if I spelled that wrong), the LITERAL floor of the tank, with like 50mm of armor, and THAT is what it took to deal 350 damage on a non-penetrating hit (some fucking how)

I’d be less mad if they just removed HE entirely instead of making most howitzers/HE basically worthless against anything that’s not a light tank or some light armored TDs

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