Stock tanks are a waste of potential

I think that this game could have a lot more vehicles just by making a stock tank a different veichle.

Stock tanks are usually useless and a pain to play with, and you or your teammate are a disadvantage to your team, because it has lower capabilities compared to its fully upgraded version.

Also stock tanks are versions that existed (at least some of them).

But i had this SHOWER TOUGHT.

Let’s consider the part of the tree IS -> IS-3. The tier 8 IS-3 stock is better than the upgraded IS (mostly armor) but it has the same gun. It can be placed in a 7.5 tier, just like preferential matchmaking tank, with an mm from 5.5 (which are tier 6 stock) to 9.5 (by making tier 10 with unlockable modules), instead of being in the 6-10 range.

Of course the game would need a great credits/exp/crew/mm/tanks rework, but instead of having mostly blueprints tanks we would have a lot more historical tanks.

Now you can gently destroy me in the comments

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