Stop trying to force bad fights, its okay to chill and defend.

I see this every single day, maybe every match to some extent, sometimes i do it too, and its so annoying.

You can singlehandedly lose matches this way.

Its not allways about attacking, if your team sends 10 guys to one flank, 1 arty, 2 base snipers and you and Vladimir the Russian on the other flank, the fuck are you pushing for? Let them come to you, get your base camping snipers involved, get your arty involved, your own positioning can manipulate enemy positioning. STOP FORCING BAD FIGHTS.

If you are in a 2v5 or 3v5, dont force a fight, let them come to you, take superior positions, so when they come you have the advantage.

You know the Skill4ltu saying «patience. We have all the time in the world of tanks»? He says it because its true. Punish the enemy dont get punished yourself.

Have patience.

From: A guy that watched 2 of his tier 10s in a 8/9/10 match die to a bunch of tier 8s and 9s 2min in because they tried to force a fight, and we lost at 5 mins.

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