Striking Evidence to be revealed after years of unpleasant correspondence with Wargaming officials and their legal advocats

After years of gathering evidence suggesting that Wargaming may be cheating its players through the use of hidden bots (WoT, WoWS, WoWP), the evidence will all be published shortly. Wargaming does not want this information to get out to the public and has already put a cease and desist order in place prohibiting us from publishing any information through their legal advocats. Their lawyers had denied all allegations without addressing them or rebutting them with counter-evidence, most likely because it is not possible for them to do so.

On 17.06.2023 8pm GMT+2 there will be an exclusive live stream in German and English, in which all allegations against Wargaming Group Limited will be presented to the curious community (especially those players that consider themselves to be skilled in the game and thus still enjoy to play it) including all unedited correspondence with the legal representatives of the WGL, where the community itself may decide whether the allegations are justified or not. Only solid and verifiable evidence will be presented, speculation is excluded.

Images and video files are reserved for the stream for the time being. Follow-up streams and further news will be announced accordingly.

Please share this announcement with anyone who cares, it is on us to not accept being fooled by shady game developers any longer – this does not only apply to Wargaming.

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