Struggling for real

I’ve been playing World of Tanks the past few months.

Is it better to master one class at a time? I felt playing multiple tank classes would give me better overall grasp but I am wondering if one class is better to learn?

My issue with TDs is they can feel a little Arty-ish. I know, not the same but just chilling in the back and advancing certain lines feels so dependent on others. Light tanks, I feel I get to antsy and push too much and I’m working on that discpline. Heavies sort of feeling bland with the same routes. Mediums, IMO feel more advanced because unlike lights, the speed isn’t there to compensate for bad decisions and the armor doesn’t always work as an oopsies.

I played the game a lot way way back in the day circa 2015ish. Just looking for feedback from others how you’d approach the game knowing all you know;) .

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