Struggling on Tier X

Hi guys, I‘m really struggling to play tier X. For some reason I can‘t get it together as soon as I‘m playing a tX tank. I‘m doing fine at tier IX and below and I‘m not a bad player (also not super good but I can handle myself). I have a bit more than 4k battles and yes I know that‘s a bit low but since I feel comfortable on the other tiers I think I‘m fine in that aspect. If you want to check stats on wot-life, my name is GeneralSeb92. I‘m not necessarily looking for tips but I‘m interested whether some of you feel like that too and how you deal with it, because I really enjoy the M48 but I can‘t get it to work.

Edit: My first Tier X was 430U (bcs I enjoy meds more than heavies) and after that the Patton.

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