Struggling with Twitch drop mission

The objective is to pen 10 times… in one battle! Im really struggling with that one. I even went and played Leichttraktor and only later I realised the missions require tier5 and up 😀 But the Ltr wasnt pening anything anyway.

Do you have any suggestions on how to best get 10 pens in a match? My only autoloader is the Italian Pantera I guess but that thing is a rustbucket. As soon as I stick my nose out Im toast. Oh, I also have an AMX 12t.

Maybe that old AT-2 thats collecting dust? But its one advantage – its armor – is pretty outdated these days and doesnt make up for how slow it is.

The most comfortable I feel in my Doomturtle, the T95. But I see no way in hell Im reliably even shooting 10 times per battle in it let alone pening.

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