Stun duration should not be as long as it is

12 seconds is MINIMUM stun duration on tier 10 SPG’s. And that duration is applied even if an arty completely misses the shot. Even if you somehow dodge the shell, there’s no escaping the stun, which is absolute bullshit, considering how useless you become while stunned.

And your defense? The medkit, which has a 90 second cooldown. Meanwhile, artillery reloads in about 30 seconds… 2 arties per team in a tier 10 match means being stunned half the time.

I don’t know, this shit needs to change. Seriously, no one likes it. It’s crazy how a shell that lands 15m away from my tank ends up shutting me down for 12 whole seconds. Why should I take the punishment when the clicker can’t hit me?

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