SU-152 marked :D

Hey guys, after calculations I made, with the SU-152 having the highest module DPM of all tier VII+ russian/chinese tanks, I started spamming it for the sake of completing the mission. Having finished the grind for ISU a month or two ago, I by far favoured it’s predecessor, the SU-100, which I played with a much better crew (3 perks vs started marking 152 with 90% of first perk, only really increased crew skills after hitting 85% and realising I can actually mark the tank). The tank itself is a fast-ish clunky platform with two amazing guns. One, the 122mm has insane DPM, but you would have to redline to make it work, 390 alpha in trades won’t really impress anyone, and with terrible (11) backwards speed you can’t really peek-a-boom, and I found the pen lacking while facing tier VIII/IX heavy tanks. The second one, which I switched to after a couple of games and decided that I might not be able to complete the mission, but I might just mark the tank is the 152mm ML-20, which funnily enough is the stock gun. 250 HEAT pen speaks for itself, and with improved aiming, improved rotation mechanism and a rammer, I found the tank to be very workable. You can brawl with lower tier heavies, albeit you really have to be patient, because despite me somehow pulling off an impressive 0,24 armor efficiency ratio, those were mostly occasional blindshot bounces, and not reliability of the armor.

In my humble opinion, people severly underestimate this tanks potential, especially when peeking against it. True, 3,27 aiming time did lose me some games and made me hit my desk harder than I should sometimes, but I think the amount of times the gun actually amazed me was much higher than that. Even managed to pull of a few cupola snipes at long range. People don’t really see this tank as a threat, since the gun handling is considered to be lackluster, but I have many times proven to blue players that they shouldn’t underestimate the power of 250 HEAT. But think of the last time you saw a SU-152 in the match and prayed he wont hit you. You don’t, because you dont have high expectations of it. Of course it can’t snapshot, but when preaimed, or ignored for 2+s, can dish out serious damage.

All in all, great tank, maybe had a bit of a fallout in a session where I went 1500 combined after 15 matches, but RNG gave today and I easily marked it. As an average player at best, I am very happy with this result and can sincerely suggest you try out this little shitter!

P.S. All in all, while mostly spamming HEAT and having a few AP’s for blind shots, it cost me around 1,5m credits in 50 battles, going from 68-95%. For all the damage I did, I don’t mind at all!

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