Subreddit Rankings: Tier 10 Tank Destroyers

Hello all again, after last weeks rankings of the Tier 10 Medium tanks, I am plowing on with the Tank Destroyers. I intend on doing light tanks next. Definitely enjoyed discussing the meta of Tier 10 Mediums and what tanks we felt needed a buff cough cough Centurion Action X and AMX-30B cough cough.

Once again, I am not including reward or bond vehicles as I feel they are difficult to gauge effectively as most people either have not played them or have never run into them. Personally I’ve only seen one FV215B-183 in my life and he was on my team. Not easy to judge that fairly in my opinion. As usual I am using the tier system, ranking from S Tier to F Tier. Criteria for ranking is below. If you do not want to rank the vehicle as you don’t know enough feel free to abstain from voting, none of these questions require answers to submit.

Link to poll:

S Tier: Most competitive vehicles, offer superior performance or characteristics that are simply better than other tanks

A Tier: Extremely capable but lacking one or two stats that prevent it from dominating in all situations

B Tier: Average tank, offers some stats that allow it to be effective overall, outperformed as equally as it outperforms

C Tier: Situational tank, can work in specific scenarios but is not versatile or dominant enough to justify play outside of said scenario

D Tier: Bad tank, doesn’t have the ability to perform to the same extent as other tanks in every scenario

F Tier: Terrible tank, simply outclassed in all departments by other vehicles

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