Sucks that we can’t name *and* shame, but a KV-1S redlining while admitting that he did this intentionally

This guy redlined on Redshire and did nothing (literally) all battle except for admitting that he is doing this intentionally. I submitted a ticket to WG because, why not?? Screenshots attached. The last thing he said was “victory without a shot…with your money”.

So!! Much!! Fun!!!

Look at his stats. And look at all of those Invincible medals. How? Because he redlines in *every* battle and when he wins nobody gets any shots at him.

OK, end of rant.

KV-1S at the bottom

No shots fired; moved to a redline bush and sat

Look at that last line!!!

This schmuck’s stats; looks like a reroll who is baiting?? Or something??

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