Suggestion for balancing Artillery

What seems to tick people off is being dealt damage by an opponent who does not risk getting damaged himself, a role that can be effectively played not even moving a single bit from where they spawned and essentially just a clicker.

In a game people make trades and exchanges of damage where they try to get a positive transaction, a vehicle that can deal such significant damage and be completely one-sided is without a doubt, cancer.

My suggestion will make Artillery more of a utility and support vehicles rather than sheer damage, which I believe will reduce most of the negatively, even though, it will stay a clicker..

The idea is to reduce Alpha damage by a value that is balanced, And give it shells such as Smoke, Napalm and illuminating.

Napalm will explode in a much larger radius than HE and will spread fire which is going to slowly increase in radius depending on vegetation, this will have a certain duration that is balanced.

This shell will serve to remove concealment and cover, it may destruct walls, structures and houses susceptible to fire. Tanks within the fire will receive reduced crew performances which relates to morale, which is recovered upon leaving the fire after a certain amount of seconds.

Vehicles with tires may receive permanent or temporary mobility debuff and vehicles that have exposed crew may receive even more significant crew performance damage that can be permanent or temporary, might aswell kill crew members.

Illumination shell, as the same suggest it’s a flare with a parachute similar to mortar shells, This will spot enemies around a certain radius and hang for a certain duration. All characteristics will be balanced according to community feedback ofcourse, here it’s just a proposed idea.

Smoke shell, as you guessed, this covers a certain radius with smoke for a certain duration. This will allow forces to shift their position without being exposed to enemy fire.

Which will grant even more dynamic to the game, granting more possibilities for how the match may go! Napalm? Concealment can be removed on key locations shifting the strategic importance of positions!

Smoke? This will allow everyone to move out of the boring range stalemates and push deeper, make breakthroughs! Massive flanks! Your teammate is trying to disengage from an unfavourable situation against multiple enemies? Allow him to retreat with ease with a smoke shell at the right position!

Now artillery will become a great utility vehicle adding dynamic to the game which will enhance replayability instead of causing suffering, It is up to the Artilery commander to asses the situation and read the battle to ensure he delivers the right support to the right place.

It’s no longer just clicking, it.. actually is. But hey, it requires more skill to be effective at it, your HE shell isn’t your primary now, it’s damage is reduced.

Instead, deal damage to the enemy indirectly by putting them at a disadvantage while simultaneously providing your team a favourable situation which will deal more damage combined than you could ever inflict.

I hope you guys like the suggestion, I’d like to hear feedback on this idea. I know many of you will just say “remove artillery instead”, but we know WG better than that, they won’t and haven’t for years.

and I’m gonna sleep now sorry, this is apparently the best time to post because Americans wake up or something and I’d like to hear from as many as possible.

TL:DR make Artillery supportive and utility by providing it a variety of shells, not damage.

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