Sunday thought… the Mars event is WG’s subtle way of testing new collision mechanics

What if some of that physics made it to the actual game? No you’re not gonna fly across the map and do a superhero landing behind enemy tanks, but if I ram a smaller tank with a much heavier tank then the smaller tank should bounce back a bit, that or if an arty shell lands right next to a tank then that tank could get shoved around from the blast messing up your aim, maybe that can reduce or replace stun time? I suppose if a T92’s bigass shell lands right next to a lightweight tank or they hit landmines in Frontline then that tank could flip over, but the player could keep tapping the W key to reduce the time needed for the tank to automatically right itself. Also if a tank gets hit by a shell while in the air then the kinetic energy from the shell should shove the tank somewhat and/or make it tumble, things could get interesting if shell size/weight/velocity gets added to the game physics.

There are a lot of coulds and shoulds, but hey I didn’t make the laws of motion, I’m just drinking coffee.

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