Super Considerate, Utility Motivated Better Access Giving Scheme

Dear redditor,

I’d like to apologize. For a long time, we’ve been focusing on the old reddit, the reddit we grew up with, the reddit that we remember. We’ve put a lot some work into making our CSS stylesheet make the sub look cool, but the facts are clear. Not many people use old reddit these days. So many of you view our lovely content on apps. We must confront that the redditor of the future cannot be burdened by CSS and old, information dense website design. We need to cater to the mobile redditor, something anyone can use with one hand! That is why we are rolling out the:









S.C.U.M.B.A.G.S. promises to make our subreddit more dynamic than ever and will keep the content from getting stale and sitting in one place to long. We’ll be rolling this out in phases throughout the course of whenever we feel like it. Here are some of the changes you can come to expect:

  • New, more dynamic banners and logos
  • Old Reddit will receive an updated cursor icon to better help users keep track of their pointer amid all the dynamicness.
  • All content must be in meme format, this way we can break down complex ideas into vastly oversimplifying bite size thoughts without having to read well worded arguments. Wait. I am receiving word that this is not a change from normal content.
  • To give users more time to browse reddit, we will be promoting ARTY gameplay. Upvote while you reload!

I can already feel your attention span waning, so further rules will be posted by other mods in the comments below. Remember, before you post, think S.C.U.M.B.A.G.S.!

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