Super Hellcat Crew Training Recommendations

I have BIA at 100% for all crew as first skill. I need to add a second skill. I’m a ‘sniper’ not a brawler. Most of what I can find recommends concealment but majority of that is old information. For equipment I have Rammer, Binocs, and Camo net as well as Sixth Sense Directive.

Here is what I’m thinking:

Commander : Sixth Sense

Gunner: Concealment or Deadeye or Snap Shot

Driver: Concealment or Off-Road Driving

Radio Operator: Concealment or Situational Awareness

Loader: Concealment or Intuition

Would ORD help this TD get up to speed any quicker? is it worth it over Concealment?

Does training all crew for concealment stack the benefits or is one or two crew at 100% enough?

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