Supertest: Erlenberg and Siegfried Line Map Changes

We have 2 sets of map changes coming to supertest, first up


Balance changes to the Erlenberg map

The Erlenberg map will be removed from the Encounter Battle mode.

Balance changes were made to the Erlenberg map for the Standard Battle and Assault modes to equalize the opportunities of the teams.

1. A part of the building has been removed to improve the connection between the teams.

 2. Changed the house model to minimize long-range shooting when crossing the river.

3. Improved position comfort.

Then we also have changes to

Siegfried Line

Balance changes to the Siegfried Line map

The changes to the map are aimed at balance improvement:

1. A position with a bunker for the lower base team has been added, which allows control of the field and passage in the city similar to the position of the upper team.

2. Improved access to the city for the lower base team, as well as for the attackers in Assault mode.

3. Driving along the ruins has been made more comfortable.

4. Cleared and slightly improved the defensive position in the lower base city.

5. Removed several fir trees that facilitated firing at the lower base without being spotted.

Changed the spawn points in Assault mode to allow the assault team to take control of more of the map than before.

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