Supertest: New Highground & Frozen Land Maps

We have 2 new maps for you coming to the Supertest this week!

First up we have,


General description:

  • Map size: 1,100х1,100 m
  • Mode: Standard Battle
  • Setting: Europe
  • Season: summer



Scheme of initial routes:

Scheme of routes by vehicle types

1) An area for manoeuvrable tanks and spotting enemy vehicles on their initial routes. Low cover, bushes, slight elevation changes, and a riverbed.
2) The main area of the heavily-armoured vehicle encounter; an urban area with rocks.
3) Main positions for tank destroyers.
4) Bypass routes.

Map of main positions and lines of fire:

Map Screenshots

Next on the list we have:

Frozen Land

General description:

  • Size: 1000х1000 m
  • Mode: Standard Battle
  • Setting: the Arctic Circle area


1) The main line of attack for pushing through with medium and heavy tanks. Convenient for tanks with good gun depression angles. There’s enough cover along the way to get close to the enemy.

2) A line for well-armoured vehicles. With a narrow pass in the ice and a bypass along a thawed lake, tanks here are safe from quick enemy flanking manoeuvres to their rear. Also, SPGs don’t have lines of fire to the main heavy tank encounter area in the main corridor.

3) A dangerous and exposed line for breaking through to the rear of the enemy heavy tanks and tank destroyers. A risky manoeuvre that can bring success to the team.

4) Main footholds for map control, positions for defense, and supporting lines of attack.

Hope you enjoy those incoming maps. Keep in mind that they are still on the Supertest and some elements might change if we decide to release them on the live servers!
Take care and roll out!
Source: EU Forums

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