Surely this cant be just bad luck

There must be a (malfunctioning?) mm algorithms deciding this by match making surely it cannot all be down to chance?
Yesterday 14 loss in a row in my fully upgraded T69 (tier8)

Today mostly in my almost stock (2nd gun) CS-53 17 losses in a row!!!!

I mean mathematically what would be the chances of 17 head tosses in a row?

I don’t think I’ve EVER seen more than 3 wins in a row (discounting platooning)

yet massive losing streaks are been very common, I even had one 23 games long once many years ago.

Surely its a malfunctioning matchmaking system?

Or maybe I’m being punished for my recent chat ban?

I have a lot of premium time and I spend more money recently on upgraded Battle Pass so it cant be I’m not paying enough!

P.S. how do you play a slow medium with no armour and terrible gun like cs-53? you cant crest fight, you cant brawl and you certainly cant snipe!

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