Suspended beacuse of chargeback, someone got hold of my account, they used linked paypal

Year and half ago someone from Poland (why I know from poland? because they bought few times with their own money something and I can see their invoices) got into my account, I did not notice as I had pause from WoT and I didnt have 2 phase autheticator and wot didnt bother to notice me that someone from different ip logged in….later they noticed that i have linked paypal account and purschased goods for 99.99€ (30k gold) I do not have them on my account so I assume they sent it as a gift…but I immidiately noticed and paypal like a hour later refunded money…. but apparently they used all goods somehow in that short timespan and now wargaming demands me to repay 99.99€ by purschasing 30k gold, well at first I was relative ok with, still did not want to spent any more money (to this day I spent around 200-300€), but they said they would remove those 30k gold afterwards because as I said before the formerly bought golds were allready somehow spent….like they should be able to remove those golds or tanks or whatever they bought from the account those golds were gifted! and their account should be suspended too with my account at the same time as It was written in support QaA…

so I wanted ideally to get my account back without paying anything, but I was still ok by purschasing 30k and keeping them but if I can not keep them then I would rather open new account…

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