Swedish medium high tiers appreciation post

So after discovering the light tanks and making them my main class, then the bourrasque and having a blast in it i thought: which other mediums have insane camo (i like to abuse this mechanic since i usually play lights) and i have found this blessing.

They have everything, impenetrable turret for apcrs and many heats when youre aiming down, very good alpha and okay-good gun handling and dpm and 36-38 stationary camo.

Honestly, i dont get the stb craze other than it has a bit better dpm and speed. Other than these, it has a cupola and utterly useless hull armor and it is pretty big. I have it and i only play it in clan wars and i understand why it is more suitable for this mode than the udes

in random,however, i find myself actually pulling the match late game in my favour and actually managing to carry it. (I am no unicum, only 2250 rwn8 and 52% wr)

TL,DR: if you need a sign to try the swedish med line this is it, honestly

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