T 20 load out considerations

Hello y’all,

I just unlocked my next tank. The T 20 I quickly realized it’s not gonna be as much fun as the eazy 8 Sherman. And this is gonna be a huge grind to the Pershing.

So that said, what’s the best load out I can have for this tank? It has 4 guns to chose from and one is the 76mm that the Sherman used. It’s what I’m using now. It has a 90mm and a 105 next up.

Armor is not very good, it’s not very accurate.

So far I’m running a turbo, sprawl liner and the improved hardening. It’s what I have now that I didn’t have to buy. But when I’m ready to buy extra modules what should I go for?

What’s the best play style for this tank? I was very bullish with my eazy8 but I don’t think it will work here.


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