T-34-85M or HWK 30? (Pls read the text below first)

So here’s the thing. I’m still relatively new and I’m feeling most confident at around Tier 6. Due to the Trade in Program I’m gonna trade the Heavy Tank VI from the Twitch drops for a Type 64 this weekend (yes I have enough gold).

The problem is that I also got a T23E3 for Bonds a few days ago and the plan was to trade that for a T-34-85M only to find out that it doesnt work.

Now I have to choose between the T-34-85M for 3.300 gold while keeping the T23E3 or getting a HWK 30 for only 2.600 Gold when I sell the T23E3.

On the one hand I don’t want to sit on a bond Tank that I only bought to trade in. On the other hand I’m afraid that people will just ROFLstomp me on Tier 8. So what would you guys do?

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