T-44-100/Type 59 Equipment 2.0 and Bounty Equipment Suggestions

I am in the process of three-marking my two favorite tanks, the T-44-100 and the Type 59. They have a very similar playstyle and I have 4+ skill crews on both of them, so crew is not an issue. I have already reached the 2nd mark on both, and am hovering at around 88% on each.

To this point, I’ve been running each with a simple setup: Bond Gun Rammer plus Optics and Vstabs for open maps, and Bond Gun Rammer plus Vents and Vstabs for city maps.

Recently I’ve been watching streamers and getting better at the game, and I also bought the Battle Pass Upgrade that allows me to choose three bounty equipment. I want to use some on my favorite premium tanks, not only because I am marking them, but because I use them to grind credits as well – I never get tired of playing them.

I’m looking for advice for how I can improve my builds on these tanks. I have considered dropping vents for hardening (plus turning on the survivability bonus from field mods) for city maps on both tanks, for extra HP at a tiny cost to gun handling and DPM. I’ve also considered upgrading the Vstabs to Bounty Vstabs on both tanks, or replacing the Vstabs with Bounty IAU, as I tend to play both as a sniper medium often, especially when lower tier or facing much more armored opponents.

What do you in the community recommend? Are my existing setups good enough? Should I use the Bounty Equipment for rammers for tier X tanks instead? Would love advice particularly from players who really enjoy these two tanks.

Note, that recommendations on this post could probably be applied to some other similar tanks as well, like the 121B, the 121, the T-54, the T-54 Mod 1, the Object 140, and others, but these specific two are my favorites among all of those to play.

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