T-44-100 vs Obj 274a

Hi, I was thinking on getting a tier 8 medium premium and looks like those 2 are good options.

T-44-100 has by far the best gun handling, to the point that you can drop stabs and get IA for a .30 dispersion fully aimed and .12 dispersion values when moving.

274a on the other side, needs the vstabs because even with them equipped it has 0.16 dispersion values when moving, and that means no IA and .34 dispersion fully aimed. (again while fully equiped and with a skilled crew and field mods)

To compensate 274 has much better penetration (190/247 vs 227/289) and damage per shot (250 vs 320), and even with a slower reload it still has better DPM than the T-44-100.

Mobility wise T44 top speed is 52 and 274a’s top speed is 58, but T44 has better power to weight and resistances. So T4 is more agile, while 274 can reach positions faster I guess.

And finally, they both have a good turret with paper hull, but the 274 shape will make it get more trolly bouncess I imagine.

Which one is a better choice? I’m inclined towards teh 274 because I mainly play heavies, but I’m not sure yet

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