this tank would be researchable X tier soviet medium tank researched from T-54

some technical parameters i found or/and changed to make this tank balanced (pls don’t hate me for that):

speed: 48 km/h


1900 HP

Hull armor: everywhere 175mm

turret armor: front: 227 mm side: 190 mm back: 140 mm

125mm gun: penetration: 237/298/102 types of ammo: APCR/HEAT/HE damage: 410/410/520 muzzle velocity: 1330/960/960 dispersion: 0,34 aim time: 2 s reload time: 8,12 DPM: 3029 shell cost: 1340/5200/950

stationary cammo: 13,54/2,98 moving cammo: 10,57/2,26

gun elevation: 22degrees gun depression: 7 degrees

tank traverse: 55deg./s turret traverse: 42deg/s

I hope that i covered most important parameters and did it well…

if you have some suggestions please write it in comments!

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