T18 HMC ace tanker help?

I’ve been working on getting missing ace tankers on my tanks and low tiers are looking pretty good. Except this one stubborn tier 3 called T18 HMC. Now, I don’t really consider myself as an arty player but I didn’t have troubles acing other T3 clickers. Except Ton of sex 1 but that’s a strong vehicle with understandably higher requirements. T18 in the other hand doesn’t feel like a strong vehicle at all. It has some frontal armour, forward speed and decent rate of fire but everything else is from the Sucktown. Low alpha damage, no splash, low pen, basically no reversing… How can this tank achieve anything on the battlefield?

According to tomato.gg, it has similar ace requirement compared to other tier 3 SPGs despite being way worse to play. Also, these other arties required a few dozens of battles (or less) for me to ace while this brown turd box is now closing to 120 battles. Am I missing something or am I just very unlucky? I’m using vents and GLD as equipment and have food with me. Man, you wouldn’t believe how multi-dimensional my dislike towards arty is getting…

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