T34 US premium heavy in 2023

I know it’s an old gold tank, and I know it’s a support heavy, and I know I should have sold it and cut my losses years ago, and although it’s one of my favorite nostalgia tanks, playing this thing in the modern meta is pure masochisms. I’ve been trying to max out all the field modifications on my forgotten tanks and man o man, power creep has made it completely irrelevant. My T32 does the same thing but better in every way sans credit farming… I can’t find many videos or threads about it that are within the last couple years. Anyone else feel the same way? Or am I just flat-out disconnected from reality?

The only moderate success I’ve had is with Vents, Rotation Mechanism, Bond Rammer, loader directive, and coke. I still have one more tier for field modifications so maybe the 2nd boosted equipment slot could help, but I highly doubt it. I can get the reload speed to 11.03s so it’s not unbearable, but it’s really slow for a tank that can’t get away. I’d imagine the reload should be a little faster due to having 2 loaders and a 3,000sqft interior with 4 beds and 2 baths, but… “bullet heavy”, and what do I know I’m just some guy asking the internet to make me feel better. The front turret armor is really thick but only near the center of mass, the forehead is thin and huge unless angled back to maximum gun depression. If you do hide your roof most tanks can now penetrate the outer cheeks of the front turret, and if you have to look left or right in a jiff, your side turret is a billboard. Mobility is super bad but I suppose if you are a support tank sitting in a hole 400m away, you don’t need to get anywhere quickly. Unfortunately, if you sit too long without shade arty will bombard your 20ft tall skyscraper turret like it’s a 1990’s disaster movie. If they get close to your hole, they can just shoot down into your upper plate, engine deck, turret ring, etc. If you try to prevent that by getting on a hill, by the time you get there the battle has shifted. The regular ammunition is alright, but I’m bouncing shots off of tanks who have no business bouncing a shot that takes 11s to load by 2 peak physical condition men… and many shots just say “meh” and hit the dirt or fly into the next zip code. Maybe instead of a reload speed buff you get less dispersion with your 2,800lb cannon. If you want me to support you from a quarter of a mile away, at least let me hit the darn thing. So even if you for some reason want to spam premium ammo, you’re not guaranteed it will even hit the armor you’re aiming at, now you’re just sending 4,800 bucks into the dirt at 1181 meters per second. Should I spec into improved aiming and gun laying drive? I’d sure hate to sell it for only 2.5m silver.

Let me know what you’ve found success with, or if you know any secrets I’m unaware of.

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