T5 is chaos compared to T8 and I love it!

Lootboxes aside…Oh boy, it’s another “the game doesn’t revolve around tier 8 you know…” posts. YUP!

Tier 8s have “predictable” gameplay because we assume and play as though all enemies know the game. Inevitably the majority do. After a while you may, as I do, get bored of it. You want some shenanigans to excite you when playing.

Now this predictability is not the case for tier 5. Playing T5 I get some rando enemy popping up in the middle of our skirmishes because something is left open or it was a lemmingtrain. Or I get the most chaotic looking minimap because dots are making no sense at all. Sometimes I pull out a W from nothing and sometimes I get a L from having everything.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a complaint. It’s just a completely different ball game.

My Win/Lose ratio is the ~same in both tiers but my fun level is way different because of the actual gameplay and what I am looking for when I queue.

Quite refreshing in a WTF! kinda way, you know?

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