T55 missions

Hey guys, sorry for long post. I am thinking to start T55 missions, but do not know which tanks to grind to complete them. I mainly need heavy, td and spg. I also need help with when to use orders to skip missions.

I thought to go for 103-0 or 103б for td, is this good? I have partially got up tech tree for this already.

I need heavy tank, preferably soviet. I like good gun handling also, and I have partially grinded IS4. Is this good choice? I also like T-10, how it looks on paper. If u have better please suggest.

I have never played spg, so don’t know where to start. Is soviet spg good? As long as it is not French I am up to any suggestion.

I will use 140 and 432 as medium and light. Also I have 4 orders to skip missions. Which ones should I skip? Thank you very much.

TLDR: need spg, heavy and td for t55 mission, which is best choice?

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