Taking breaks made me enjoy the game more. Crazy, i know, but it cant be said enough.

So I am back in the military, currently going thru my second basic training, this time way more physically demanding.

Have been on a 3 week break from the game, not missing it much…. For reason i think we can all imagine.

But this weekend i really felt like playing the borsig, one of my favorite vehicles in the game, and it was one of the most fun and refreshing sessions i had in the last year. Im usually a vivid rager, and have had raging issues ever since i can remember. But due to me taking it easy this time and having been on a break from the game where i was forced to focus a lot on accomplishing things irl, my achievements in the game felt way more rewarding. This probably changed the way i approach this game forever.

So TLDR: The second u feel like this game is becoming a chore to play, take a break, come back in a few weeks, and try to enjoy the game for what it is. Without expectations and all that crap.

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