Taking Username from recently deleted account for free?

Hi so i’ve just started WOT and want to play it on Steam. So before I downloading it on Steam, I created an account in advance on wargaming.net with my Steam username which is also pretty much my universal gaming name.

I however was not aware that this would be completely separate from Steam and could not link so when I first ran the game on Steam, it says the username was taken. I created a steam account with a temporary username, deleted the direct account and now want to change to that username.

Is this possible or will they actually expect me to pay €10 to change it to the username I wanted initially? I already contacted support and its been a nearly 24 hours with no response. I know I could just delete the steam account and wait 75 days to take the username with a new account but unfortunately i’ve already claimed a few packs on Prime Gaming and elsewhere which I won’t be able to claim again if I straight up delete the account.

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