Tank Academy Tier 6 Help

I’m a former Console player who recently came over to PC. I already have the T-34-85, Hellcat, Jackson, and VK3002M researched on my own by the time I unlocked the free Tier 6 from Tank Academy. I’m just not sure what tank to pick now lol. I already know I’m going to use my free Tier 7 on the Black Prince, so that rules out the Churchill VII.

My top choices are: – AMX-12t – Cromwell – ARL-44 – M6 – M44 (I know it’s arty, but the Excalibur/Chimera/279 missions require stun damage, meaning you have to use arty)

Options I would also consider: – KV-1S (I’ve heard since they moved it back to Tier 6 again it is utter trash) – Crusader (same deal as KV-1S, just casually moved up a tier without buffing anything; however, the Crusader is my favorite tank ever as history goes and I’ve read that the Manticore is important for CW) – VK30.01P (if I can get the Tiger P before I get to the Indien-Panzer from the VK3002, it would mean I won’t have to spend 16k free XP on the long 88) – M4A3E8 (I loved this line on Console and got my first ever MoE on the T20, but it’s lower on my list right now)

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