Tanks used for Obj 279e Missions and short campaign review

​Finished the Obj 279e Missions yesterday and just wanted to leave feedback on tanks I used and a short campaign review. Similar posts that I found on reddit and wot forums helped me a lot, so i decided to share my impressions too. Hopefully it will be useful for other players that are planning to go through this nightmare.

Playing since 2013 38K Battles WN8: between 2300 – 2700 depending on tank Tier X Tanks: 43 Total Number of tanks in Garage: 129

Obj 279e campaign negative:

A large number of missions are poorly designed and do not require any skill or map knowledge because they rely on a combination of rng, map rotation and your team members. All missions that are including critical hits/internal modules were skipped using orders. Those missions are completely rng dependent, therefore they are a total waste of time. A lot of scouting/spotting missions are map and team dependent (plus rng layer on top of that). Some missions require longer matches which is currently very rare due to constant 15:2 games. Using premium ammo and premium consumables is a must. Being forced to play arty in order to finish the campaign. Rage levels and mental health.

Obj 279e campaign positive:

Obj 279e as reward. Your vocabulary will be enriched with new curse words in multiple languages.
Credits, bonds, consumables and directives are able to earn through rewards which will compensate for the expanses made by premium ammo and consumables usage. Crew members. That feeling when it’s finally over.

Tanks used:

Union-1: Invaluable Assistance – T-100 LT Union-2: Effective Fire – SU-14-2 Union-3: Not a Step Back – SU-130 Union-4: You Will Not Break Through! – Obj 268/4 Union-5: Heroic Triple – Obj 268/4 Union-6: Don’t Stop Me Now – SU-130 Union-7: Is There Anyone There? – skipped Union-8: Lone Wolf – SU-130 Union-9: Open Season – SU-130 Union-10: I am a Rock – Obj 268/4 Union-11: Shoot ’em to Pieces! – obj 140 Union-12: Every Possible Assistance – LT-432 Union-13: The Moment of Glory – skipped Union-14: Heavy Rain – SU-14-2 with tier 7 gun Union-15: The Pride of the Union – LTTB (Mastery badge class 1)

Bloc 1: Ruthless Hunter – Jg.Pz.100 Bloc 2: The Diamond Armor – Skipped Bloc 3: The Punisher – Skorpion Bloc 4: The Willing Heart – HWK 30 Bloc 5: Flying High – Jg.Pz.100 Bloc 6: Again and Again – Skorpion Bloc 7: Termination – Skorpion Bloc 8: The Hole Punch – T55A Bloc 9: The Guiding Star – HWK 30 Bloc 10: The Good Samaritan – Skipped Bloc 11: Safari – Skorpion Bloc 12: A Knight in Shining Armor – VK 100.01 P Bloc 13: Hand of the Master – Skorpion Bloc 14: The Sky’s the Limit – Jg.Pz.100 Bloc 15: A Easy as ABC – Jagdpanther II (Ace tanker 3x)

Alliance 1: A Sure Shooter – M41 Bulldog Alliance 2: Among the Best – T54E1 Alliance 3: Always on Duty – Manticore Alliance 4: Just Warming Up – E3 Alliance 5: Stunning Performance – 3805 Alliance 6: Reliable Ally – 3805 Alliance 7: In Armor We Trust – T95 Alliance 8: Simple Geometry – Skipped Alliance 9: Seeing Stars – 3805 Alliance 10: Unlocking Potential – 3805 Alliance 11: The Right Place at the Right Time – 3805 Alliance 12: Rock-Solid – T95 Alliance 13: Big Shark – Cobra Alliance 14: Welcome to My Collection – – 3805 Alliance 15: For the Alliance! – T28 prototype (Ace tanker 3x)

Coalition 1: Ruthless Hunter – T56 Coalition 2: The Top Gun – Progetto 65 Coalition 3: The War Horse – EBR 105 Coalition 4: A Crushing Blow – Skipped Coalition 5: I Will Be Your Shield – AMX M4 54 Coalition 6: Stiletto – Progetto 46 Coalition 7: Nothing Personal, It’s Just Business – Progetto 46 Coalition 8: My Duty Never Ends – EBR 105 Coalition 9: Let Their Fate Be a Lesson to You – Progetto 46 Coalition 10: You Cannot Hide – ELC Even 90 Coalition 11: Lord of Destruction – T56 Coalition 12: A Little Bit of Everything – ELC Even 90 Coalition 13: Just Getting Started – ELC Even 90Lorraine 155 mle 51 Coalition 14: King of the Hill – T56 Coalition 15: Way to Go – B-C 12t (Mastery badge class 1)

For me personally, Obj 279e Missions were much easier than chimera missions. It’s all about choosing the right tool for the job. I managed to clear all 60 missions in 2 months from May 2022 to July 16 2022 (including 2 weeks of vacation during which I did not play).

What now? Will probably try to finish Union-15 and Coalition 15 with honors so I can pick up 3500 bonds.

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