tech tree update shenanigans from a returning player

I had a 7 year-ish hiatus (I think my newest update before I stopped was chinese tanks)

back then some tech tree branches never reached tier 10, and that means AMX 13 90 was once a tier 7 light tank, that lead to the tier 8 lorraine 40t and tier 9 batchat 25t

this so jarring now. and back then people used to tell me T34 and T30 were a tech tree heavy tank.

I think back then I was just trying out the AMX12t because at that point, autoladers were the hot shit at the time and I wanted to see whats it like and getting to tier 5 was a simple enough task.

but I was never a fan of light tanks, and I think when I unlocked the AMX 13 90 at tier 7, I decided I just didnt gel with either autoloaders or light tanks, so I left it in the dust. That means my experience with light tanks ended with tier 6.

first light rework happened, and every tier 5 light got bumped up a notch, and ELC AMX became my favorite light tank, and the only one I would ever touch, leaving my AMX 13 90, now tier 8, rusting away.

after some time I stopped playing for 7-8 years.

I got back recently, and I find out light tanks are at tier 10 now, and the AMX lights got bumped up again, leaving me with a tier 9 AMX 13 90

so now, I kind of want to learn ALL sort of tanks, but i basically skipped tier 7 and 8 light tank school, new equipment and field mods are now a thing

what a HARROWING experience to relearn light tanks

ever “earned” a close to end game tier this way?

or have similar experiences regarding tech tree reworks?

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