Tell me some of your weird player encounters

I’m talking about some truly bizarre ways you have witnessed someone play the game, not just the usual camping in a heavy, or just people being bad.

I’ll start. I was playing the amx 13 105 on empire’s border with another amx and a T100lt. Most of the battle isn’t very important, basically we managed to push through the open side of the map to then go through the middle to harass heavy tanks, so far so good, except then I died, the other amx did too, at the very end of the battle the T100lt and a few tds remained against a single jpz E100.

I spectated the T100 as he was about to flank the jpz (rest of the team was in slow tanks, in front of the jpz and couldn’t dig it out) but what he did next truly baffled me. He drove extremely close to the jpz, and then… Sat in a bush, just watching the jpz, on top of that I heard a camo net deploy a few seconds later. He didn’t get spotted, hell the jpz had no idea he was anywhere close, and instead of shoot the jpz he just sat there, just out of the jpz’s view range. (It was still very close so his camo had to be really good too) It took some persuasion from our team to get him to finally shoot and kill it off.

After the battle ended the encounter struck me as so weird I checked his stats, and that confirmed he was a weird player. From what I remember he had 60 000 battles (something around this, about twice more than me for sure) he had very many tier 10s, most played (a few thousand battles) was the Is-7, yet none of the tanks I checked had above 50% wr, all were about 48-49%

And before anyone asks: No, he was not in a platoon with anyone so it couldn’t have been possible he was letting a friend get a kill, nor did this look like an attempt to rig the game.

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