The 703II is on sale, am I able to send it as a gift?

I have a friend who I really want to gift the 703 II, but obviously I don’t want to just go giving my card details away Willy nilly, and it would be a pain to physically go to their location and do it then remove my card details from their computer, BUT

When I attempted to gift it to them, my PC went all the way to where I needed to punch in my card details without giving me the option to give the pack as a gift, and even then it gave the option only to “pay now.” I already have a 703 II, so if I did accidentally purchase it it would probably just go into my account as gold, but my real overbearing question after this whole convoluted mess of words is

Is it even possible to gift tanks that are on special like this, and can I please get an in-depth description of how so I don’t accidentally waste my cash on purchasing the tank for myself?

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