The aiming circle is the wrong size – follow-up post

It’s been a few months since I first made the Reddit post explaining how the in-game reticle size is incorrect, along with a mod to fix it. The post was very well-received but the mod was a bit more controversial, with the chief complaint being “it doesn’t work”. Some of this is due to a lack of information, so I think it’s time for a follow-up post (and a major update to the mod).


They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but this one’s only worth ~15 words.

Link to image if embed fails. We know this because of science (the original post goes into more detail).

How the reticle works…

This was only a footnote on the original post, but I think it’s why most people thought the mod didn’t work.

The reticle that you see on your screen cannot shrink to less than 64* pixels wide. Just because the circle stopped shrinking doesn’t mean the gun is done aiming – you may just need to zoom in more.

There’s also a maximum reticle size: the height of your screen. This is easy to see if you try driving around while zoomed in.

* 128px if the UI scaling is set to 2x

… and how players play

Many players (even skilled and experienced one) didn’t notice the minimum reticle size for one simple reason: not everyone uses their mouse’s scroll wheel to zoom. I’ve been watching a lot of gameplay clips lately and in at least a third of them, the player used the shift key to toggle between overhead view and a fixed zoom level (usually 4x or 8x). Depending on your zoom level, you might not see any change in reticle size. This explains so much! It also told me what feature I needed to add.

(By the way, if you aren’t playing World of Tanks with a mouse, I strongly recommend it. You don’t need a gaming mouse – any halfway decent $10-20 office mouse that’s comfortable for you will work just fine.)

Mod update

Thanks to everyone who helped me beta-test this!

I was planning to release these as separate mods, but I’m still working on some key features, so for now I’m bundling everything in Better Reticle Size.

Adjustable minimum reticle size

Yep, it’s small alright. It’s much easier to see in-game than in a still screenshot.

Link to image if embed fails. The minimum size limit is set to zero by default, but you can adjust this however you like.

Better Battle Results summary tooltips

Now you can see how much assist damage actually counted for your Marks of Excellence

Link to image if embed fails.

Better grouping of unique 2D and 3D styles

No more scrolling through the entire style carousel to find the 3D style you want

Link to image if embed fails. This marks all 3D (and vehicle-specific 2D styles, like the Hot TOG style) as Unique.

In-game options menu

Huge thanks to Ize_Berg and Poliroid for making the mods that make this possible

Link to image if embed fails. You can find the settings menu by clicking this button in the bottom right corner of the screen (you may already have this button from another mod):

Click on “Mod configurator” to open the settings window

Link to image if embed fails.

Language support

The mod has been translated into 30+ languages, but I had to do it with Google Translate so some of the translations are pretty awful. If you have any better translations, please post them below! I’ll add them in the next update.

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