The Best Tech Tree For Beginners – The Obj 140 Tech Tree

Obj 140 Tech Tree Recommendation for Beginners

Why Obj 140 tech tree?

– The Tier V and Tier VI vehicles (T-34 and T-34-85) are really good medium tanks. Usually, new players quit World of Tanks before they reach the tier VIII. Decent mid-tier vehicles is crucial for beginners to keep playing the game.

– The Obj 140 tech tree has well-balanced tank, which is relatively easier to play. In addition, a well-balanced ability indicates that you can deal with various situations, providing opportunities to learn about the game.

– Due to these features, the difficulty of grinding the tech tree is relatively easy.


– High DPM with fast reloading: the DPM of the Obj 140 tech tree is one of the best DPM in their respective tier.

– Decent Gun Handling: accuracy is not the best, however, the gun despersion on move it outstanding.

– The Round Turret and the Low Profile: The armor of the turret is quite solid.

– Camouflage: With the Camouflage crew skill, all vehicles in the tech tree have camo values over 30.00.


– Vulnerable Modules and Crews: you need the safe stowage perk and firefighting skill especially if you’re going to use Extra Combat Rations.

– Low Alpha Damage: T-34-85 and T-44 are the exceptions but the T-34, T-43, T-54 and Obj 140 have below-average alpha damage

– Cupolas on the Turret: round turret provides decent protection while cupolas on the turret are weakpoints

Other Features

– Mediocre Gun Depression: the Obj 140 has 7 degrees of the gun depression. It’s not excellent, but not unacceptable either. Except for the T-54, tier IX vehicle, all of vehicles in the tech tree have at least 7 degrees of the gun depression.

– The upper plate of hull armor is reliable when angled properly and the sidescraping is possible if you don’t overangle.

How to Play

– The Obj 140 show impressive performance in close quarter battle without any covers and free-dealing moment.

– In the phase of line battle, play safe as much as you can to conserve your HP.

– When your allies are pushing the line, it’s time to flank the enemy and distract the enemies’ attention.

P.S: Some people may concern that the Obj 140 is no more the foremost tier X medium tanks due to low alpha damage. However, the most important reason of this recommendation is the difficulty of grinding. For example, STB-1 also has great DPM and better gun depression, however, it would be total suffering for beginners to grind STB-1 tech tree without substantial amount of free xp.

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