The BZ 166 is so incredibly bad and the worst tier 8 i have played

It is the worst tier 8 tank i have played. The turret armor is none, it cant fight hull down as the turret and cupola both get penned. The hull armor, it has none. It cannot sidescrape due to the stupid angled frontsides, it cannot fight in any style that isnt hull down, but like i said the turret is fucking awfull so you cant fight hull down either. Lowerplate is so big that its literally 50% of your front armor. I also cant stress enough how bad the turret armor of the ”best” turret is. The tank is also HUGE, as big or bigger than a KV4 but you have NO armor. So the artillery will just focus you the whole game because they should. A tier 8 artillery does on average 400-500 dmg if they hit you because you have no armor to speak off that can ward of the arty damage, and you are the biggest tank to hit in the match 90% of the time. The gun cant hit anything reliably at med-long ranges, sometimes even close ranges. The amount of times i have peaked a ridgeline just for it to hit a pixel of ground infront of me is just about every single match. it has bad DPM, average Alpha, AWFULL accuracy and AWFULL gun handling. Basicly a gun balanced around high alpha except it doesnt have high Alpha or DPM. You cant fight tier 7’s and 6’s alone as you have like i said incredibly bad DPM and armor. So tier 6’s can pen you NO problem, and they have more DPM.

To top it off, its so boring and frustrating to play. Its not enough that its godawfull, its also super boring and super frustrating.

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