The BZ75 is the most boring version possible of a rocket boosted tank.

Am not going to talk too much about the balance but am talking about the fun and usefullness of the tank and rocketboosts. And keep in mind the tank is pure fantasy or atleast to the point where they could do whatever they wanted. The rockets are slow and in the public test it didnt feel worth going Bond Turbo anymore, as the speed was no longer so great that you could get to funky positions, rather heavytank positions faster. In action the 3 weakspots on top really are that, weakspots. Trying to time a reload peak was incredibly hard due to the gun being what it is, so someone with DPM can easily get in shots while you aim for their weakspots. What really kills it for me is knowing the version i played in CT2 was better than mine will ever be. 7 skill Crew, 3 Bond Equipment. With the full package.

And its been beaten to death allready but the tank was clearly designed around the 180MM in mind, a gun that doesnt exist anymore.

The main problem with the chinese tree and why they are the least played is simply that they are boring and not unique or special. They have no hook. Is really the BZ75 the anwser? The lamest iteration possible of a rocket boosted tank?

I dont know. Maybe im alone, maybe not.

My main language isnt english and i have Aspergers so its hard to explain things for me, i hope you understand❤️

But i will grind it offcourse, pre prepped allready, but i am not really hyped about them.

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